Victorian Office

Andrew Urli


Associate, Building Code Consulting

Andrew has been a Building Code and Fire Safety Consultant in the municipal and private sectors for more than 10 years. In that time, he has provided professional advice to the building industry on all aspects of building control, codes and regulations, for small and large commercial, industrial and residential projects.

As a Senior Building Surveyor, Andrew is responsible for processing building permit applications and inspecting building works. He also prepares audit reports for existing buildings.

 Kate Kmita

Associate, Building Code Consulting

Kate has practised as a Building Code and Fire Safety Consultant in the municipal and private sectors for more than 16 years, consulting to the building industry in all aspects of building control, codes and regulations.

Kate is involved in processing building permit applications and inspecting building works and her experience includes commercial, industrial, healthcare and residential developments.

Nick Snart


Associate, Building Code Consulting

Nick is responsible for providing various building code consulting services, from processing building permit applications to inspecting building works.

Nick works across commercial, industrial and residential developments. His experience includes projects such as the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, the Royal Melbourne Hospital redevelopment, the Eureka commercial car park and Travelodge Hotel.

David Martini


Associate, Essential Services Management

David has over 20 years experience in the building industry as a Building Surveying and Essential Services consultant. He is involved in the processing of Building Permit applications, essential services consultancy and inspections of buildings. He assists in essential service compliance auditing and ensures the building owner’s statutory obligations are met with respect to the ongoing safety, operation and maintenance of building essential safety measures.  David has multidisciplinary involvement in various public, commercial, health care, industrial and residential buildings.

Queensland Office

Willie Tait

Associate, Building Code Consulting

Willie brings nearly 30 years of experience in the field of building surveying, the last 16 in the private sector. As a Building Certifier, Willie is responsible for the administration of the building certification process, which includes assessment of all building classifications.

Willie consults to clients from project conception through to issue of building approval and issue of certificates of classification. Willie works across commercial, industrial and residential developments. His experience includes projects such as the International Terminal Buildings at the Brisbane and Gold Coast Airports, the Qantas Hangar 3 at Brisbane Airport and major Defence facilities at RAAF Bases at Williamtown, Amberley and Tindal.

Cath Patterson

Associate, Building Code Consulting

Cath has been practicing in the field of building surveying for 15 years and is highly skilled at the technical application of building and related legislation, standards and codes to challenging and complex projects. She has proven ability to self-manage and deliver projects autonomously, and to provide the technical direction necessary to deliver major projects.

Cath takes a proactive approach to project delivery to achieve the best compliance outcome. She has significant experience in complex fire engineering report assessment and liaison with fire engineering team stakeholders including fire authorities.

New South Wales Office

Frank De Pasquale


Associate, Building Code Consulting

Frank has been involved in building surveying for more than 20 years.

As an Associate and Grade A2 Accredited Certifier, his experience ranges from assessing major building applications, issuing construction and complying development certificates and inspecting buildings to ensure Building Code of Australia compliance, and undertaking building code compliance audits

Philip Smillie


Associate, Building Code Consulting

Philip has been involved in building surveying for over 21 years, where he has advised clients in the public sector, including statutory authorities, government departments and other regulatory bodies.

Philip’s experience as a Senior Building Surveyor includes processing major building applications and construction certificates, inspecting buildings for Building Code of Australia compliance and undertaking building code compliance audits.

Rod Shepherd

Associate, Building Code Consulting

Rod has been involved in the construction industry for more than 30 years and has specialised in commercial building regulation consulting for the past 15 years.

In his role of Building Surveyor and Associate, Rod works across the areas of building code auditing, inspection, assessment of documentation and statutory approvals, advice on fire safety upgrade proposals and regulatory matters.

Western Australian Office

Andrew Harman

State Manager, Western Australia – Associate

Andrew is experienced in the assessment and approval of complex, landmark commercial developments. These range from multi-storey office and residential buildings, to sports stadiums, power stations, hospital redevelopments, warehouses, government projects and industrial facilities.

Andrew’s expertise includes technical assessment of development applications for building works to ascertain compliance relevant to state legislation, negotiating the challenges of applying building code compliance to complex designs together with assessments of fire engineered solutions.

He advises clients from design stage to project completion, actively inspecting building work for all classes of buildings.

Andrew also provides building code compliance and fire safety advice to government and private building owners of existing buildings and facilities. This includes inspection and reporting on existing level of compliance/fire safety and providing comprehensive risk assessment of compliance aspects and providing feasible recommendations for upgrades or improvements.